What is Tate Social

Financial social network, for freedom, connection, sharing and opportunity.

Tate Social is a social networking application built on Blockchain technology, the security of Web3 and the applicability in cross-border payments of cryptocurrency,also a Defi platform with Staking & NFT where users really own, control and monetize the content you create, without any undue interference from the app's creator. All databases are On-chain and cannot be completely deleted or restricted by any government or organization.A Platform that built on a decentralized blockchain instead of a server will allow users to own their profile data and if that user needs to be banned, the community will do so with a vote.

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why Choose us

Why choose Tate Social

Make money online

New channel creators, or celebrities who need to increase visibility and presence on social networks will create tasks including: Interaction, sharing, commenting ...

Tate Social - DAO

At Tate Social, you will never be controlled, blocked, restricted, deleted or banned by an administrator, or developer.

Staking & Rating

- Token holders can stake their tokens by term to receive daily token rewards. - Users who own the token can rate or vote on topics, deciding the features of the platform.

VIP NFT collection

Let the world know your status as a TOPG & get daily token rewards for owning NFT

Make money online with Tate Social

New channel creators, or celebrities who need to increase visibility and presence on social networks will create tasks including: Interaction, sharing, commenting ..... and ready to pay. a fee to users that assist them in performing those tasks.

The creators of communities, topics....with a lot of followers and interest, can turn on the feature of making money from renting banner ads, inserting promotional videos in the content they own.

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Users can create online teaching courses, refer friends to the courses and get rewarded for referring successful students through their ref link

Tate Social supports affiliate marketing with Google, Ebay, Amazone and will expand the network to online sales platforms to attract videos, banner ads from those businesses to the platform. In a traditional society where users are forced to view ads without receiving anything, then Tate Social will share the profit rate from 50-50% advertising consumption with users, from which users can benefit equal to platform

Users can create streams on Tate Social’s plate from any topic, any content....and earn money from receiving donations directly from viewers, as well as receiving money for inserted advertising. Users can also receive tasks that brands have spent money to create tasks on platfrom, thereby creating streams according to the required topic to receive rewards

- Podcasts and opportunities for members to discuss topics and projects publicly

- Podcasts creators can earn token depend on listens

- Tasks like airdrops, testnets, shillings....in the crypto market.

- Or real-life ones like creating review videos, sharing your views around a topic where others pay to create tasks.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 TOPG
  • Presale: 35%
  • Community & reward: 25%
  • CEX: 15%
  • Partners:10%
  • Team: 5%
  • Marketing: 10%

Welcome to "Tate social" Decentralized financial social network with the application of blockchain technology and Web3 that we have heard a lot about in recent times.

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Our Roadmap

Strategy and Project Plan

Q4 2022
- Website Development - SAFU Token Contract - Pinksale Fairlaunch - Launch Dapp - CMC and CG ListingCEX registration before listing
Q4 2022
- Creat content to earnInteract to earn - Academy opensAffiliate marketing to Google, Youtube, Tiktok…China market - Partnership Top Call ChannelsMarketing campain - CEX Listing: Coinsbit, MoonXBT...
Mid of Q4 2022
- Staking feature - AMA Show around world - Launching Tate's task assignment and acceptance system with fans
Q1 2023
- VIP NFT Collection - Stream to earn platform - Watch promotional videos to earn - Affiliate marketing expansion
Mid of Q1 2023
- Podcast platform - Talk to earn - Academy phase 2 - Influencer partnership video archives and updates for celebrities and content creators - Onboard additional Call channels
Q2 2023
- Project partnerships - High level influencer partnership - Cex listing (Kucoin, Bitmart, CoinW…)
Mid of Q2 2023
- Influencers connectionVideo, streaming of TV show updateCrypto Academy phase 3 - Affiliate marketing & e-commerce sales with Amazone, Ebay... - Affiliate Marketing and Advertising for IOS and Android Apps

Selling point

  • Hashtag #Andrewtate with over 13 billions views on socials
  • Hundreds millions of Tate Brothers fans around world
  • More and more celebrities are being suppressed by the media, so The ability to extend the application to other celebrities with a large fan base (Example : Kanye West ….)
  • Web3 & Blockchain technology allows users to own and manage their information. Support to speed up transaction and payment ability
Litepaper Whitepaper
NFT Collections

Tate Social NFT

TateSocial's NFT collection will be divided into 4 rarity grades, which will be graded by the accessories shown on the NFT. Tate Social's NFT collection has the function of distinguishing the user's account levels on the platform, users can earn more money by owning high-rarity NFTs.





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